Mid Sussex Blues – Minutes from meeting held on 20 January 2018

Meeting held: Saturday 20 January 2018 at The Water Mill, Burgess Hill


Iain MacLean (Chair) Rod Cummins (Treasurer), John Joyce (Committee Member), Daryn Buckley (Secretary) Julie Joyce, Malcolm Pilling, Pete Gillam, Dave Ewing


Steve Chappels, Ian and Tom Hinley, Mark Payne. Jonathan Chandley, Dave Bennett, Gil, Adrian Askew and all those at the match.

Actions from last meeting

 Daryn to add Steve Chappels to the attendees of the December meeting


Chairman’s Update

Iain wished all MSBs a Happy New Year.


Treasurer’s update

Membership stands at 94 and subs have been paid to the club for all members up to the end of December. There is another window for new members  to pay before the end of March.

Match tickets sold by branch:


Burnley (a)                                            2 out of 2 tickets allocated

Bristol City (a)                                       2 out of 2 allocated

Arsenal (a) Premier League              14 requested – no response yet although subject to                                                                         Carabao Cup Final

FC Basel                                                 2 out of 3 allocated

The OSC pack arrived from the branch containing a personalised banner, a songbook, events guide and membership packs for each member, which Rod will send out to those not there to collect.

2018 banner

Social Update

John is in touch with Alex Williams with a view to getting Joe Hart and Pablo Zabaleta to the next Legends Night.


Loyalty Points Update

Firstly, here is how loyalty points are allocated:

Branch meetings

5 points for attending (getting there whilst the meeting is in progress, not turning up afterwards to watch the match!)

5 points if you are at the match on the day of a meeting (provided your ticket has been purchased through the branch or if you are a season ticket holder attending a home match on the day of a meeting)

15 points for attending the Annual General Meeting (held in the close season)

Legends’ Night

20 points for attending Legends’ Night

10 points for each non-Mid Sussex Blues member you bring


2 points for when a ticket is requested, and the loyalty points system is implemented but a member does not have sufficient points to qualify for a ticket

Committee Members

Members of the Mid Sussex Blues committee receive priority allocation of tickets and therefore do not participate in the loyalty points system.


Loyalty points as at 27 January 2018

  1. Trevor   Wharton           69
  2. Paul      Green                  65
  3. Colin     Oliver                 60
  4. Pete      Roberts               56
  5. Julie      Joyce                   55
  6. Paul      Dronfield           55
  7. Jonathan Chandley       50
  8. Steve    Tasker                50
  9. Steve    Chappels           50
  10. Piers     Oliver                45
  11. Mike     Willmott           42
  12. Del       Bromley             40
  13. Michael Mcgreish         37
  14. Heidi     Robinson         35
  15. Carl      Brookes             32
  16. Peter     Simpson           32
  17. Dave     Ewing               30
  18. Mark    O’Hara              30
  19. Andy     Schofield         20
  20. Gil        MacLean           20
  21. Gina      Tasker              20
  22. Pete      Gillam               20
  23. Phil       Grabsky           19
  24. Billy       Grabsky          19
  25. Fraser   Simpson          17
  26. Jack      Rolfe                 17
  27. Mark    Schofield         17
  28. Mike     Rolfe                17
  29. Gaynor  Hinley            15
  30. James   Willmott         15
  31. Malcolm Pilling           15
  32. Will       Schofield        15
  33. Adrian   Askew            10
  34. Helen    Hobday            9
  35. Peter     Latham            9
  36. Elaine    Everill             7
  37. Ethan    Hayes               7
  38. Luca      Hayes               7
  39. Sid        Hayes                7
  40. Ben       Dronfield         5
  41. Sam      Brown               5
  42. Andy     Powell              4
  43. Giselle   Arni-Tossell    4
  44. Ian        Ainscow            4
  45. Joan     McKenna           4
  46. Martin   Smith               4
  47. Matthew McKenna       4
  48. Max      Smith                4
  49. Mike     Tossell              4
  50. Alan      Toft                   2
  51. Eve       Turner              2
  52. Frederic Dean              2
  53. Harvey  Smith              2
  54. Ian        Hinley              2
  55. Jake      Smith                2
  56. John     Rothwell           2
  57. Julian    Turner             2
  58. Kyle      Simpson           2
  59. Matthew Turner           2
  60. Natalie Newbury          2
  61. Nicola   Rothwell           2
  62. Paul      Ainscow            2
  63. Paul      Kavanagh         2
  64. Peter     Dean                 2
  65. Shelley  Dutson             2


Date of Next Meeting

Saturday 10th February 2018 at 4.30pm before the Leicester game


About Mid Sussex Blues

Mid Sussex Blues are an official Manchester City FC supporters club. We comprise of a group of City fans predominantly based in the Mid Sussex area but with a number of members from other areas around Sussex and as far a field as Italy. We are currently around 90 in size but are always happy to have new members. We meet and watch games at the Red Lion in Lindfield. Our website address is - www.midsussexblues.wordpress.com
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