MSB Loyalty Points

Aim of the system
The aim of the loyalty points system is to be as fair as possible in allocating tickets where demand exceeds our allocation from the official supporters club. As City becomes more successful and new branches are created across the globe, there is greater competition for tickets.

The points system was reviewed by those present at the branch meetings on 6 October and 11 November 2012 where it was agreed that points should be received for loyalty to the Mid Sussex Blues branch and our beloved club.

You can only request tickets if you hold a Season Ticket or Cityzen card.

How can I collect points?
With effect from 11 November 2012 points are collected as follows:

  • Attending a branch meeting – 5 points
  • Attending a City match on the day of a branch meeting. This applies to both home and away fixtures. Tickets must be bought through MSB using your bluecard. Season ticket holders also qualify for points if a meeting falls on a home fixture – 5 points
  • When a ticket is requested, and the points system is implemented but a member does not qualify for a ticket – 2 points
  • Attending the Annual General Meeting – 15 points
  • Attending Legends Night – 20 points
  • Bringing a non Mid Sussex Blues member to Legends Night – 10 points

How does the committee make the final decisions?
There are a number of steps to ticket allocation:

  • Member submits request (when you submit a request you will be expected to pay for your ticket – this is a very strict ruling from the official supporters club)
  • Treasurer bids for tickets
  • If demand is met, Treasurer seeks payment and provides tickets to members
  • If demand is not met, the loyalty points system is employed
  • Committee members will get priority for ticket allocation given the efforts they put in to run the branch – if you wish to benefit from this, then you should put yourself forward for nomination to the committee at the AGM in July
  • Thereafter those with the highest points will get the tickets available
  • Where a family is potentially going to be split, the committee will make the final decision on allocation – a record of such decisions will be made and considered in subsequent scenarios

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